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Type Of The Vehicle Used The Seating Arrangements Package ?

Maxx / Sumo / Similar Kindly Be Informed That Most Of The Vehicle Plying In This Areas Have Normal Make Seating Style That Is Front Seat & The Second Seat Are All Facing Front And The Last Seat The Rear Side Of The Vehicle.
The Seating Style Is Like That Of Parallel Type Further Which Implies That The Passenger Are Facing Each Other.
We Will Not Be In A Position To Confirm & Guarantee The Vehicle Sumo / Maxx Vehicle Allocated The Seats To Be All Facing Front. As This Seat Are Customized & Modified Accordingly.

What Are Like Buses, Taxis, Vehicle Plying In This Areas Like ?

Buses / Similar & Small Car Etc And Vehicle With Low Clearance Is Not Advisable In This Terrain, As Such Jeeps Hard Top Covered Vehicle Are The Regular Mode Of Transportation Used Here, Most Of The Tourist Vehicle Operated Is Sumo / Maxx / Similar. On Supplement Cost Vehicle Like Scrpio, Xylo, Innova / Similar Are Available.
Neither Air Con Nor Heater Operates Due To Altitude.

What Is Meant By Luxury Vehicle ?

s It Implies Vehicle Bearing Z Number Or Like Innova / Scrpio / Xylo / Similar.


Are Air Con / Heater Required In North Sikkim?
Ac Is Generally Not Required Here And Neither Any Luxury Vehicle Uses Heater Due To The Uphill Drive.


Does Car Wagon R / Alto Ply To North Sikkim.?
No This Kind Of Vehicle Does Not Ply In This Sector Is Vehicle For North Sikkim Readily Available?
No Even The Vehicle Requires A Special Permit And It Has To Be Booked In Advance Prior To Departure.


Is Innova Advisable For North Sikkim?
Since It Has A Low Clearance As Such Very Few Vehicles Does Ply In This Areas But It Is Not An Advisable Mode Of Transportation Unless Some Modifications Is Done.