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General Information

North Sikkim Sector Lachung Yumthang Valley Are The Building Blocks Of Most Sikkim Tours. Travel To This Sector Should Be Considered Essential Parts Of Any First-Time Visit. If You Have Journeyed Through Sikkim Already, Or Long To Scratch Below The Surface To Reveal The More "Authentic" Sikkim. This Area Is A Must Do Destinations And Most Of The People Visit This Place. People Visiting This Area Should Keep In Mind That Is Not Developed Like That Of Other Sector In Sikkim. All The Necessary Commodities Are To Be Taken From The Capital Gangtok Only. Since The Tourism Infrastructure Is Totally Not Yet Developed And It Is Still Consider As In A Budding Stage. Due To Various Complications In Regards To The Permit, Vehicle Regulations, Limitations Of Vehicles, Segregations Of The Vehicle Type Allowed To Ply, Roads Conditions Along With The Various Related Components. The Service Provider Is To Be Chosen With Outmost Care, As Everyone Cannot Run Smooth All The Operations Here In This Area.


We Are Committed Will Be Job And Provide The Services, It Just The Matter Of Time That Plays A Major Role. Patience Is What We Expect Form The Group. Rest Assured You Will Have A Holiday Of A Life Time. Ours Is Not That A Regular Hotel Selling Website Following The Principle Of Bait And Catch. Our Team Of Experience Staffs Will Make Sure That All Requirement As Committed Will Be Provided. We Can Help You Plan A Custom Itinerary & The Many Possibilities Available. Pick And Choose From Several Of Them, If You Like, And Allow Us To Plan A Life Time Holiday Adventure That Is Uniquely Yours.

Brief Info's About Permit

Most Of The Major Areas In North Sikkim Lachen & Lachung Sector Falls Under The Restricted & Protected AreaAs Such For All People As Well As People Of Sikkim Origin To Also Visiting To North Sikkim Beyond Mangan District & Above Procurement Of The Advance Permit & Prior Booking Is Mandatory. As Such Visitors To North Sikkim Kindly Be Updated That Well Advance Fully Plan ItineraryIs To Be Chucked Out. As Once The Tour Starts From Gangtok Is Even More Complicated If You Add Nights Or Modify Itinerary En Route Based On Our Experience, Since Permit Is To Be Procure Before Departure From The Concerned Government Offices Here In Gangtok. Consult Or Book Through Registered Ground Handling PersonnelTo Avoid Last Minute Surprises. Permit Is Required And Advance Information With Relevant Documents & Photos Is Required In Advance Etc. Places Restricted & Not Allowed In North Sikkim Are Katau, Domang Valley, And Chopta Thangu & Beyond, Gurudongmar Lake Etc.
Where Is Lachung & Lachen? It Is In The Northern Part Of Sikkim. All The North Sikkim Tours Starts From Gangtok & Ends At Gangtok. The District Headquarter Is Mangan.


Where Is Lachung & Lachen?

It Is In The Northern Part Of Sikkim. All The North Sikkim Tours Starts From Gangtok & Ends At Gangtok. The District Headquarter Is Mangan.


North Sikkim Famous For?

Lachung Yumthang Valley Are The Building Blocks Of Most Sikkim Tours. To This Sector Should Be Considered Essential Parts Of Any First-Time Visit.If You Have Journeyed Through Sikkim Already, Or Long To Scratch Below The Surface To Reveal The More "Authentic" Sikkim We Can Help You Plan A Custom Itinerary. The Programs Offers To Show The Many Possibilities Available. Pick And Choose From Several Of Them, If You Like, And Allow Us To Plan A Life Time Holiday Adventure That Is Uniquely Yours.


Time To Visit?
The Valley Is Open Throughout The Year However During Monsoons Early August Onwards To Late September The Roads Conditions May Restrict The Visits. However, Temperatures Vary With The Seasons. March April To Early September Have Pleasant Days (Light Woolens) And Cold Nights While October To February Have Pleasant Days But The Night Temperature May Dip To 5 Degrees Or Less (Heavy Woolens).



In 2011, North Sikkim Had Population Of 43,354 Of Which Male And Female Were 24,513 And 18,841 Respectively.


Clothing & Luggage info's

Travel As Light As Possible With Least Minimum Clothes, Toiletries And Other Essential Commodities And You Could Leave The Excess Baggage At Gangtok Hotels Cloak Room & As These Areas Is Cold Throughout The Year It Is Advisable To Carry Warm Woolen Clothes, Woolen Mittens, Gloves, Cap Etc.


Weather In A Day Like?
The Sun Is Strong. Remember To Use Sunscreen On Exposed Parts Of The Body. Wear Sunglasses To Screen Out Harmful Rays.


Basic Customs?

Take Off Your Shoes Before Entering A Temple Or One's Home
Ask For Permission Before Entering A Place Of Worship.
Ask For Permission Before Taking Photographs Of Objects, And Including People.
People Are Friendly By Nature. Have A Genuine Interest In Them. Talk To Them. Be Friendly As You Travel.
If You Give The Impression Of Being From A Different Place, Chances Are That You Might Be Stared At, In The Smaller Towns. Don't Be Offended - They Mean No Harm, It Is Just Curiosity. Make Sure You Don't Raise Your Voice While Talking With The Locals It Is Considered Impolite.


Dzongu, Gurudongmar Lake & Katau Snow Point?

Yes Dzongu Is Permitable For All & Can Be Visited With Prior Information & Procurement Of Required Permit From The Home Department Office Here In
Gangtok And At Advance Only We Do Organize To Visit Dzongu Areas The Place Of The Ethnic Community Of Sikkim The Lepchas'
It Is A Place Where Village Tourism Is Flourishing With Village Home Stay Note Prior Information Is To Be Required For Permit Procedure.<br />
Katau Snow Point Is A Restricted Area And As Such Not Permissible To Anyone.<br />
Gurudongmar Lake Is Permissble To Indian Nationals Only With The Required Permit In Advance. Only Indian Nationals Are Allowed To Visit With Prior Information Only.]


Nri's & Foreign Nationals

Are Allowed To Visit Till Mangan North Sikkim Head Quarter With The Inner Line Permit. Beyond That Area Restricted Area Permit Is To Be Obtain In Advance In Gangtok.
The Restricted Area Permit Allows The NRI’s & Foreign Nationals To Visit As Far As Yumeysamdong Beyond Yumthang At Lachen And In Lachen They Are Allowed To Visit Till Chopta & Thangu Valley Only.


Nri’s & Foreign Nationals

Are Not Allowed To Visit Beyond Chopta Thangu Valley Areas In Lachen. Like Wise Gurudongmar Lake Is Not Permissible For Nri’s & Foreign Nationals.

Public Toilet Facilities Are Few And Far Between. Take Every Opportunity You Can To Use A Clean Toilet In Places Such As Hotels And Restaurants. Make This A Habit Wherever You Go.



Be Prepare To Carry Detergent As It Does Not Have A Proper Laundry System.


Drinking Water
Drink Only Bottled Water Or Filter Water. Usage Of Bottled Water At Places Is Not Allowed, As Such Filter Or Boiled Water Are Available. Non Veg. Food Is Not Served In Modern Residency.



Food, Drink & Meal Enroute
Restaurant Available In North Sikkim Highway Are With Very Basic Choices.
Good Quality Vegetarian Food Is Not Easily Available On North Sikkim Highways It Is Always Advisable To Carry Biscuits, Chips, Dry Fruits, Fruits Etc.
Curd Or Yoghurt Is Served With Most Meals. It Is A Natural Aid To Digestion And Helps Temper The Spicy Food.
Good Restaurant Serving Goods Meals Are Very Limited As Such Prior Information Is Advisable.
Most Of The En Route Meals Are Not Included With Prior Information We Could Organised The Same With A Supplement Cost.

There Are No Shops In North Sikkim To Shop Around. There Is A Handicraft Centre In Lachung Try To Shop Only In Government Handicraft. Branded Foreign Liquors / Alcohols Are Not Available There.



In Hotels And Restaurants, Tips Are Not Normally Included In The Package. The Standard Tip Is 10%. In Hotels, Room Service Attendants Are Normally Tipped At The End Of The Stay, Though An Early Tip Is Likely To Get You Better Service There Are Frequent Power Cuts In These Areas So It Is Advisable To Be Mentally Prepare And Carry Necessary Items. There Is Very Limited Mobile Coverage At North Sikkim.

Card Payment, Atm's
Credit Cards It Is Not Accepted In North Sikkim.
Atm Facility Is Available At Chungthang Only But We Normally Advice The Client Not To Depend On The Same. It Is Always Fissile If Your Are Looking For Atm Machine In That Case There Are Various Options In The Capital At Gangtok.

Health Precautions
It Is Advisable To Bring Specific Medicines As There Is No Pharmacy Shops In Lachen Or Lachung.
Eat Fruit You Can Peel. Always Wash Fruit Well Before Eating It.
Always Carry A Kit Of The Basic Emergency Medicines You Might Need For Diarrhea, Fever Etc, Also Band Aids And An Antiseptic Ointment.
If You Do Catch A Bug, Do Not Panic. It Will Go Away In A Few Days - But Try The Following Tips To Keep It Down:
Drink Lassi - A Yoghurt Drink. It Will Help Tone Down The Bacteria.
Eat Plain Rice, Or Try A Simple Khichdi - An Easily Digestible Mixture Of Rice And Lentils.
Drink Plenty Of Fluids And Take Some Electrolyte Salts If The Bug Persists.

Electricity, Telephone & Mobile Phones
Power / Electricity Failure Is A Common Happening.
Television, Direct Dialing, Intercom, Internet, Wi-Fi, And Connection Is Not Available. & Telephone Lines And Mobile Connectivity Is Very Bad.


Everything In India Takes Time - Longer Than In Most Places. So Always Give Yourself Extra Time For Whatever You May Have To Do - Even It Is Just A Visit To The Post Office Or Changing Money. Indians Joke About The Concept Of "Indian Stretchable Time" (I.S.T.) Certainly, If You're A Super-Punctual Sort, India Can Be Frustrating. Make Allowances For This. As Especially It Is Often Notice That Due To Documentation & Permit Procedures As Well As Other Factors The Departure Time Is Not Punctual Kindly Keep Allowance For This We Try To Do Our Level Best To Make Sure About The Commitment.

From Lachung                                               From Lachen

Place Feet Distance In Km Driving Time In Hours
Gangtok 5,500 124 06
Yumthang 8,800 024 01
Yumeysamdong 15,300 047 02
Katau 13,500 042 02
Lachen 9,000 047 02
Thangu & Chopta Valley 13,200 083 04
Gurudongmar Lake 17,200 109 08
Tsho Lhamu 16,730 118 09
Place Feet Distance In Km Driving Time In Hours
Gangtok 5,500 130 06
Thangu & Chopta Valley 13,200 36 02
Gurudongmar Lake 17,200 62 06
Tsho Lhamu 16,730 71 07
Chungthang 5,200 26 01
Lachung 8,800 47 02
Yumthang Valley 11,800 71 04
Yumeysamdong 15,300 94 04
Katau 13,500 89 04

Can We Go Directly Arriving At Gangtok Today Morning

From NJP Railway Station / Bagdogra Airport / Pelling / Darjeeling To Lachung?
The Distance Is Almost Around 250 Kms To 300 Kms From Other Entry Points & Destinations And The Time Taken In The Hills Cannot Be Compare With The Plans As Such The Travel Time Would Be Around 11 To 12 Hours And Also We Need To Procure The Permit Also.As Such The Answer Is Simply No. The Drive In The Hills Is Not As The Same As Compare To Other Sector.


We Have Not Made Any Prior Bookings And We Have Also Not Started Up The Permits Procedure? Can We Visit North Sikkim On The Same Day,


In Case Of Group Arriving On The Same Day And Would Like To Proceed For North Sikkim In That Case Prior Information Is Needed To Us In Advance And We Need To Have The Required Documents Sent To Us In Advance By Email Or Post Or Else You Need To Get The Required Documents Ready Or You Have To Get In Ready On Arrival Itself And We Would Organised The Permit And Other Required Procedure And Then We Could Proceed To North Sikkim All This Process Will Require Approx 90 Minutes To 180 Minutes Depending On The Availability Of The Documents. Prior Information Is Required To Hold The Bookings And To Make Necessary Arrangements.
Normally This Kind Of Practice Is Not Feasible For This Sector.